Jesus Paid The Price

Jesus Paid The Price

3rd – Jesus Paid The Price

Romans 5:8 says,  “But God commendeth his love towards us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.”  

The greatest story ever told is of Jesus, come to earth, born in a lowly manger of the virgin Mary, living a life without sin, and then dying on a cross to pay the penalty for all mankind. 

   * He did more than that, He took us with Him, thereby breaking our bondage to sin by His death and resurrection. Glory to God!  When you give up your life to him, you get His resurrection power!

   * Do you believe enough that He died and rose again for you, that you would be willing to trust your life and future to the One that can raise the dead?   

(Words to a song learned in childhood)

If you could know the joy of pardon

If you could know the peace it brings,

When Jesus speaks, divine forgiveness,

The saddest heart with rapture sings.

I know your heart would then adore Him.

I know His voice you would obey.

He calls you now with tender pleading,

Obey His voice, and follow Him today.


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